Monday, April 24, 2017

Desert Rose Scarf/Neck Warmer -- Crochet Pattern

Tools And Materials:

Yarn, medium weight (4), I Love this Yarn, Metallic or plain, one color of your choice; for small size -  1 skein; for medium to large - 2 skeins.  Each skein has 252 yds/230 m.  Crochet Hook - 4.25 mm; Yarn Needle.

Crochet Terms, Abbreviation And Meaning:

Sp = Space - It refers to space created by series of chains, example: Ch-3 space, ch-5 space,
ch-7 space. Note: Ch-3 loop, or ch-5 loop etc. , may be used instead.

Lp = Loop - It refers to the series of chains. It also refers to part of any stitch such as the back
or front loop (strand of yarn) in a single crochet or other stitch.
Sk = Skip - means skip a stitch or space etc.
Tog = Together - refers to stitches that are joined into a single stitch. example dc3tog, means,
make three double crochet together. This stitch is used in creating clusters or pointed

Ch = Chain

Slst = Slip Stitch

Dc = Double Crochet

Tr = Triple Crochet

* * = Asterisk - Refers to the instructions between these.

( ) = Parenthesis - Instructions inside ( ) must be repeated as many times as indicated by the
number that follows it.

[ ] = Bracket - Instructions inside it will be mentioned and/or repeated.

>> = Points to the beginning of instructions to be followed.

R = Round or Row

O = Old - Refers to the first (old) motif done.

N = New - Refers to the new or current motif that is being completed.

Yo = Yarn over - refers to the yarn being coiled or wrap around the crochet hook to make a stitch.
The yarn is wrap around the hook counter clockwise.

(B)sc = Beginning Single Crochet - Refers to the first single crochet (sc) made at the beginning
of round or row. In this crochet pattern which works in Rounds (B) next to a stitch designates that stitch to be the beginning stitch to which or part of which, the slip stitch that will be done at the end of the round must be attached.

The Pattern:

Ch5, slst on 5th ch from hook to form a ring.

R1: Ch4, sc over ring. (Ch4, sc over ring)7x. 8 total ch-4 loops made.

R2: (B)sc on next ch-4 sp. Ch1, 4dc on same sp, ch1, sc on same sp. (Sc on next ch-4 sp, ch1, 4dc on same sp, ch1, sc on same sp)8x. Eight Rose Petals made. Slst on (B)sc.

R3: Ch1, [with your thumb, mark the space between 2nd and 3rd dc of next petal, insert hook from back (wrong side) to front (right side) of this petal into the marked space, over the previous Ch-4 loop of R1 and back to the wrong side and make a sc]. (Video Tutorial available soon).
(Ch5, [ ])8x. Slst on the beginning sc of this round.

R4: (B)sc on next ch-5 sp, ch1, 6dc on same sp, ch1, sc on same sp. (Sc on next ch-5 space, ch1, 6dc on same sp, ch1, sc on same sp)7x. Slst on (B)sc.

R5: Ch3, [ with thumb, mark the space between 3rd and 4th dc of next petal, insert hook from back (wrong side) to front (right side) of this petal into the marked space, over the previous ch-5 of R3 and back to the wrong side and make a sc]. (Ch5, do [ ])8x. Slst on beginning sc of this round.

R6: Note: If this is the second or subsequent motif, follow instructions on "How To Join Two Motifs On R6", given below. Slst on next 3 stitches, sc on same st, Ch4, this counts as 1tr. (B)Tr2tog on same stitch, one leaf made. Ch9, tr3tog on same stitch, one corner pair of leaves made. >> (Ch7, sc on next ch-5 loop, ch7, tr3tog on the 3rd ch of next ch-5 loop, ch9, tr3tog on same stitch)3x. Slst on tip of first petal made ((B)tr2tog). Rose Motif made. Fasten off, leaving a 6 to 7 inch yarn tail.

How To Join Two Motifs on R6: Slst on next 3 sts. Ch4, count this as 1 tr. (B)tr2tog on same st.
ch4, join as follows,with right sides of O and N facing outward, [ sc on ch-9 corner sp of O, ch4, tr3tog on same st of N. Ch-9 corner loops are joined. (Ch3, sc on ch-7 loop of O; ch3 , sc on ch-7 7 loop of N, ch3, sc on ch-7 loop of O; ch3, tr3tog on 3rd ch of next ch-5 loop of N, ch4, sc on next ch-9 loop of O, ch4, tr3tog on same st of N. Finish N by following R6 instructions starting at >>.

Making Adjustable tie:

Flower Tie Button B : Ch8, slst on 8th chain to make a ring. Sc on next 8 stitches. slst next st, flip work up to start working on beginning ch-8 loop, ( sc on next st)8x. slst on beginning sc. (Ch2, skip 2 sc, sc on next st) 4x. (Sc on next ch-2 sp, ch1, 4dc on same sp, ch1, sc on same sp)4x. Slst on any stitch to go back to the other side of the work. * (Sc on next sc)8x. Slst next st*. Repeat * * 1 time. Turn work wrong side out. Pull 5 yards of yarn through flower. * (Insert hook on back loop of next st, yo and draw up a loop)4x, yo once and draw up this loop through all loops on hook .* Repeat * * 1 more time. One flower button made. Measure the length of the finish scarf and make as many chains that would equal this measurement. Ch4, insert hook on 4th ch from hook to make a ring. (Sc over ring) 9x. Slst on next sc. (Ch1, sc on next sc.)40x.
Ch3, skip 2 sts, sc on next st)3x. (Sc on next st, ch1, 5dc on same sp, ch1, sc on same st)3x. Slst on next sc, ch1 then pull yarn tight. Fasten off. Flower Button E made. Hide yarn tail inside the flower. See Instructions on Hiding yarn tail.

Join 6 to 8 flowers together for small size, 10 flowers for medium size and 12 flowers for large size.  

Other Options:  Longer  and wider scarf may be made if desired using the following data to calculate how much yarn needed for specific length and width:

1 Flower motif = 24 yds of medium weight (4) yarn.  Extra yards should be added for allowance.

What Does One Do When Waking Up At 2:30 Am And Can't Go Back To Sleep?

It happened again!  I woke up at 2:30 AM and can't go back to sleep, so I checked all the wonderful work of my creative peers whom I'm following on Blogger.  I'm amazed at their work and creativity!  Where do they get all their creative energy and inspirations to finish their craft (crochet/knit) projects?  My creative energy is very sporadic and most of the times runs out before I can finish, my work.  How do you all stay inspired?

Recently, I started teaching a crochet class at a Senior Center nearby and this helps me some to focus on crochet.  Still I feel I'm lacking focus, motivation and energy to finish projects quickly.  After this post if I can't go back to sleep, I'll just get up and  do crochet.

I recently learned how to connect granny squares continuously without breaking the yarn until all the squares are all connected together.  This is a very cool technique because it saves one lots of time since there are not very many tails to hide.  I give credit to these two web sites where I learned the technique:
Please click here and here.

Below, are photos of my practice squares.  This crochet scheme is good for using leftover yarn since the middle squares are small and does not use a whole lot of yarn.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Snow Flower Shawl/Neck Warmer--Finished

I worked on hiding the yarn tails while watching the Presidential Inaugural Ceremony of President Trump.  This sort of make this shawl memorable to me.  I need to find a nice decorative buttons to add to the overall look of this shawl.  Photos below show the finished shawl with no yarn tails dangling everywhere.
Right Side

Wrong Side



Thursday, January 19, 2017

Snow Flower Shawl/Neck Warmer-- Hiding Yarn Tails

The fun part is over.  It is time to clean up and in crochet this means hiding yarn tails.  More information about hiding yarn tails here.
The edging is completed.  The photo above shows the right side of the shawl while the photo below shows the wrong side and all the yarn tails dangling out.  These yarn tails need to be hidden.  Please click the link given above explaining how to hide yarn tails.